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Before making your final purchase,  double check a few things :

-that your order form has been sent to me via email ( - I cannot put your order in without it)

-If you forward the Order Form/Payment Link to others who wish to order separately, then they must include form and payment separately.

-that all image names on your order form correspond with what you are ordering for that image:

Image- "Smith, Betty (2)"- package B & 2-5x7 sheets (4 prints)

Image "Smith, Bobby (6)"- Package B & 2-8x10s

-add all items for all children in one order (you can do separate payments for each child if you'd like, but I figured it would be easier  for most to combine) 

-that you have entered the correct TOTAL number of each item you are ordering (-ie-you have 3 children and want 1-8x10 for each, you would change your quantity to "3" for your payment-but would indicate each image name and quantity separately on the order form.)

-remember that a la carte items come in "sheets" of one image, so when you select a quantity, choose how many of that "sheet" you want (ie;  5x7 "sheet" is a set of 2-so if you enter "2" as your quantity for 5x7, you will actually receive 4 prints)

-Please also contact me for any photoshop inquiries before ordering, there is a separate charge for any work above standard simple blemish removal, so I would hate for you to jump in and pay, if it ends up being a simple fix that requires no extra charge!)


(Orders received after the deadline will be subject to shipping &/or service fees)

photo dec 03, 5 53 28 pm.jpg
photo dec 03, 5 52 49 pm.jpg


Mini Session


30 min session

location of your choice,

all edited images

(up to 6 people)

Email me :

for information


other pricing


session availability

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